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    GLASTIC SG-200 A GLASTIC UTR GLASTIC SG-200 Glastic Grade SG-200 high-strength & high-temperature laminate offers the same high-performance features and benefits as Glastic´s FHT laminate. In addition, SG-200 offers much higher mechanical strengths than FHT with temperature ratings of up to 210°C. Because of its capabilities, is ideal for a wide variety of product applications requiring high temperature NEMA GPO-1 products. Grade SG-200 is aslo a superior replacement material for epoxy-bonded mica in layer insulation applications. Available dimensions: 914x1828 mm, 1255x2455 mm. Thickness: 0,8 až 51 mm. GLASTIC UTR Glastic is a fiberglass reinforced termoset polyester material. It is available in sheet form as well as a wide selection of channel, angle, and tube sizes. These materials are the industry standard for flame and arc/track resistant electrical insulation. In addition, the excedent combination of high strength, flame resistance and low smoke generation has given it application in many others areas such as transit and marine where safe, yet economical materials are required. Available dimensions: 914x1828 mm, 1255x2455 mm Thickness: 0,8 – 51 mm Download technical data sheets:  Polyester sheets



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